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How do I design my Study Room?

Study room is a great way to help kids focus on their homework and schoolwork. When it comes to studying, having a dedicated space is a key. A study room should be quiet, comfortable and free of distractions.

Choose An Inspiring Colour
Suppose your bedroom or seating field is simple and small, select neutral colours or plain white on the walls. It makes the entire space feel spacious and more extensive.

If you’re considering developing a personalized hall, opt for calming jewel tones or bold colours. Blue, red, brown, green, and yellow on the wall bring a lively and classy look.

Get The Right Furniture
Consider what you will be using the study room for. If you are designing the space for kids, think of their needs – crayons, colour pens, pencils, erasers, stickers, glue, papers, notebooks, text books and maybe some other cutesy stuff.

The best way to maximize space is to invest in multipurpose table that can double up as desks and shelves. When choosing a table, ensure it is durable and sturdy because you will live the most hours there. The chair needs to have strong lumbar support. One with adjustable height is a plus.

Bookshelf is a Must
A shelf is one of the top ways to increase the reading room storage without using much space. Your study room will feel more organized if everything has a place.

Storage solutions such as shelves, cabinets and desk organisers will help maintain essential materials within easy reach.

Ensure Good Lighting
Ensure plenty of light so kids can see what they are working on. The more illuminated the area is, the easier they can focus.

Some natural light can add vitality and warmth to the reading sector. These are vital for enhancing productivity. An easier way to achieve this is to set up table next to the window.

Apart from the table lamp, also opt for ceiling lights that are beautiful and serve the functional purpose at the same time. A light that mimics natural sunlight is the best, so use a cool white light bulb, rather than a warm yellow bulb. Avoid using coloured light bulbs.

Small study room Ideas
One way to make the most of a small study room is to keep the furnishings simple. Keep it to necessities like a desk and a chair. You can maximize storage by choosing a desk with built-in drawers and installing shelves

Low budget, Simple study room design
A study room doesn't have to be a grand space with soaring ceilings and walls art. If you are working with a tight budget, opt for a quiet corner in your home or apartment. Opt for a space near a window to maximize natural light. Then set up a simple table and chair that are comfortable and conducive to study.

Study room Decoration
When decorating your study rooms, the sky is the limit. It is an opportunity to let your personality shine. Select objects that speak to you and inspire you. Try opting for little rugs below the chairs. They give a cosy touch and makes it look elegant. If you are all about simple and subtle then go for the furry rugs in lighter undertones to match the room.

Add a bean bag chair or couch to your study room. Then you can move from the desk to the couch when you feel restless or want to sit in a different position.

Finally, add some personal touches to the room, such as photos and posters, to help kids feel motivated and inspired.

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