Discover Your 2024 Lucky Colour Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Signs

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, serves as a conduit to harmonize individuals with the ambient energies of their surroundings.

Colours in Feng Shui are more than mere aesthetic choices; they symbolize a vibrant interplay of personal and environmental energies.

2024 is the Year of the Dragon, a powerful and auspicious animal in Chinese culture. According to the Chinese zodiac, in addition to the designated colours for the year, each animal sign has its own lucky colours that can bring good fortune and prosperity.

Blue and Green (Water and Wood)

Red and Yellow (Fire and Earth)

Black and White (Metal and Water)

Purple and Pink (Wood and Fire)

Gold and Silver (Earth and Metal)

Green and Brown (Wood and Earth)

Red and Orange (Fire and Wood)

White and Gray (Metal and Water)

Yellow and Green (Earth and Wood)

Gold and Purple (Metal and Wood)

Black and Blue (Water and Metal)

Pink and Brown (Fire and Earth)

Applying Your Lucky Colours:
Personal Wardrobe: Incorporate your lucky colours in your clothing. A touch of emerald green in your attire could align you with the rejuvenating energies of the year.

Home Decor: From wall paints to upholstery, blending in your lucky colours can create a harmonious living space. For instance, an imperial yellow vase or red cushions could add a balancing energy.

Workspace: A conducive work environment can be created by introducing your lucky colours in office decor. Desk accessories or wall art in your lucky colours can be good choices.

Accessories: Carry the positive energies with you through accessories like bags, jewellery, or even phone covers in your lucky colours.

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