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How to choose Dining Table for your Home?

Dining table is one of the most fundamental pieces of furniture you will have in your home, not only a place to sit and eat, but also a place to entertain and make wonderful memories.

A well designed dining room can become the focal point of your home. Followings are several tips which will allow you to choose a table that best matches your home, your lifestyle and your taste, a design that you will love for many years to come.

Inspect the size of your dining room or the open kitchen. Your dining table must fit comfortably in your space. Too large it makes your room look small, too small it makes your room look off balance. Size also means taking into consideration the space around your table for people to move. If you live alone, a simple two seater suit your needs. If you have family, then you certainly need 4 or 6 seater table. If you have guests often, then consider an expandable dining table.


Round tables are ideal for small dining room. Keep in mind that this shape isn’t ideal for larger gatherings or for growing families. The downside is that they don’t provide much arm support since they are round.

Oval sizes are a great choice between rectangular and round tables. Their elongated shape makes them adapted to rectangular rooms, and their lack of corners makes them easier to move around and allows guests to be more evenly spaced.

Square dining tables are great for small space or small families. Square tables are best suited to square rooms.

Rectangular dining tables are the most popular table shape. Rectangular table work best in large dining rooms. You will find greater number of choices with styles, sizes and extendable options.
The ideal dining table style for your home will depend on your decorative scheme. 

Scandinavian is about simplicity with a nordic touch. The colour palette to be very light and neutral gives the Scandi style its signature clean and calming look.

Industrial design is modern, exposed and rustic. Brick walls, steel beams, distressed timbers and raw concrete create an edgy aesthetic. Look for wood or metal dining table in a black, brown, grey or white colour.

Contemporary style is simple yet sophisticated. Look for a clean lined functional dining table in a neutral colour.

Farmhouse style is generally made of wood or natural light brown wood colour.


Every material boasts its own benefits and selling points. It should be balance between price, upkeep, and the style of your home.

Wood dining table is the most popular material. Classic, durable and easy to repair, wood looks beautiful and caters to most needs.

Glass tabletops create a feeling of openness, a great material to consider if you’re lacking on space. They also show every fingerprint, so may not be the best option if you have small kids.

Marble tables are sturdy and beautiful. Real marble is heavy and expensive, so lots of brands offer imitation marble to give you the look of real marble at a lower price and lighter weight.

Metal tables are modern, durable and less expensive than many other materials. Because of their shiny finish, they show every fingerprint and can be hard to clean.

Plastic is an affordable option. While this material is durable and requires little upkeep, it is usually not the most stylish choice.

How about the chairs?
A dining table is not complete without dining chairs. The ideal way to pick a dining chair for the table would be to purchase the entire set or go for chairs that match the table perfectly. Along with chairs for the dining table, you could also pick a bench to be placed on the other side of the table.

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