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Stunning Bathroom Decorating Ideas

When it comes to redesigning your bathroom, you may think a need to do a total upgrade. Actually you can just give your bathroom a completely new look with simple and budget friendly upgrades. Simple decorating tips and tricks can revitalize your bathroom while remaining wallet-friendly.

Enhance Visual Texture
Decorating your bathroom with wallpaper is an easy, inexpensive way to achieve colour and pattern. Wallpaper can help uniquely modernize your space, plus it makes it simple to switch up your bathroom when you no longer love the design.

Bring in Flowers
Real or artificial plants can transform even the plainest of bathrooms from basic to beautiful. Adding houseplants and other greenery is a simple and cheap way to freshen up a small space.

Dress Up Your Walls
A pair of gallery walls filled with eclectic artwork brings colour and personality. This budget decorating idea allows you to bring personality and character into the hardworking space without having to do any pricy renovations.

Work With Unique Storage Space
While this may depend on how your bathroom is set up, take a look around and see if there are unique storage opportunities you're missing, you can still create a little storage space with a floating shelf or corner rack. And a toilet bowl storage rack is a great way to add that extra needed storage space.

Lean a Ladder
A stylish ladder is a great place to hang towels, especially if you don't have any storage space in your bathroom. The ladder takes up minimal space, and it enhances the design aesthetic of the bathroom.

Use a Basket
Using a basket to keep small items together in one handy spot is a great small bathroom idea if you want to keep your space looking clean and uncluttered.

Make a splash with Shower Curtain
When decorating your bathroom, almost every element can provide an opportunity to add extra flair – even the shower curtain! Think about whether your space could benefit from a little extra colour or pattern. Shower curtains have large vertical surfaces that are amazing for displaying punchy patterns in a nontraditional way.

Embrace the Extra

A coat rack or clothes hanger is given new life as a place to hang right outside of the shower. What was once a bare wall is now a functional spot in the bathroom.

Swap out your Mirror
When you have a narrow bathroom with no windows, the space can easily feel closed in and dark. To help open up the space, replace your current mirror with a large mirror that adds style while making the space instantly feel more open.

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