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SISSEL® SPINEFITTER Fitness Massager Black
SISSEL® SPINEFITTER Fitness Massager Black
SISSEL® SPINEFITTER Fitness Massager Black
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SISSEL® SPINEFITTER Fitness Massager Black

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The Spinefitter by Sissel is an innovative and modern spine care exercise tool for mobilizing the spine and releasing tension
Suitable for individuals and professional teams for home regimen or professional guidance
By simply laying down on the spinefitter, the tension accumulated in the spine and the muscles on both sides can be relaxed, and the energy points of the spine can be stimulated to balance the body and promote mobility
An ideal fitness massager and training equipment to improve the mobility of the spine and joints
Colour: Black
Material : Polyurethane
Dimensions: 84cm (L) x 12cm (W) x 6cm (D)

SISSEL is a leading brand of health products in Europe
Its products meet the high standard safety CE medical equipment certification of the European Union
Trusted by more than 500,000 professional therapists, doctors and millions of consumers, and is sold in more than 50 countries around the world

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The 28 ball shapes arranged in two rows form the ideal counterpart to the muscles near the spine. The primary form of application of the SPINEFITTER is immediately clear through its appearance alone - the visual connotation to the human spine is undeniable and immediate. Misuse of the training device is almost impossible due to its static structure. Weight, feel, material and workmanship always offer the optimal solution for the most diverse requirements on the part of the user.


It's your turn! It has never been so easy to do something independently for your mobility and flexibility. Declare war on blockages and tension, and take efficient and sustainable action against pain and muscle ailments. The  SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® is your next generation training equipment, whether at home, in private exercise groups, in the studio or in a professional treatment environment. Try it out! You will be enthusiastic!

What are the main effects of SPINEFITTER?
• Treatment of muscle tension
• Improvement of joint mobility
• Compensation of the energy system and the autonomic nervous system

Does the SPINEFITTER® only act on the muscles or on the joints?
Specific exercises with the SPINEFITTER® improve the range of motion of the different joints. By putting the balls in place, it is possible to create more space in the structures of the muscle tissues to allow for greater range of motion.

How many times should I use it?
You can use the SPINEFITTER® daily, depending on your physical needs. This will permanently strengthen your muscles and the mobility of your
joints. There are many exercises specifically designed for this purpose.

When do I feel the effects?
You will feel the effects from the first moment you lie on the SPINEFITTER®. It stimulates your acupuncture points through the position of the balls. The space between the balls, the spinal spinal processes sink.
For example, if you stand still on the SPINEFITTER® for a while, and after about 5 minutes you gently roll onto your side, you will immediately feel the difference when lying on a mat.

How to clean it?
Since the SPINEFITTER® is made of polyurethane, it can be easily cleaned with standard disinfectant cleaners.

Can anyone use it?
There is no age limit for using the SPINEFITTER®. The goal is to help you solve your tension and back problems. However, in case of acute complaints or diseases of the intervertebral disc, it is important to consult a specialist.

When should I not use it?
In case of acute disc problems, after various operations, if you suffer from pain or fibromyalgia. Or if you just feel uncomfortable. However, this should not be confused with feel-good pain which leads to relaxation.