Japan Authentic Beauty Luxe Golden Plus Skin Care Sakura Waterproof Facial Roller
(Made in Japan)

Beauty Luc 8000+ activates metabolism by slowly moving the pure gold T-shaped head over your skin.
Eliminate swelling, make your face clearer, lead to a tight face line. T bar head wrapped in the gold of pure gold (24 gold) fits every relief of face and body.
With comfortable beauty vibrations, we approach effectively not only to the bear’s eye bear, wrinkle wrinkle, Hawley line, but also to the eyebrows, neck and hand wrinkles.
In addition, weak current generated from pure gold balances sebum potential, encourages lymphatic waste fluids, and supports transparent skin feeling.
Further, negative ions of pure gold reach deep into the skin (= micropatching effect).
It works on the cellular tissue function of the skin, normalizes disturbed turnover, and proliferates collagen which easily decreases with age, leading to the skin of the skin. Because it is completely waterproof design, skin care while relaxing in the bath is also possible.


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