Panasonic EW-DL43 Electric Toothbrush Doltz (Pink)

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Recommended for people who also want to stain of care

The bacteria causing periodontal disease lurking in the periodontal pocket

Scoop out the causative organisms of periodontal disease lurking in the periodontal pocket

Periodontal hair of the amount ultra-fine hair brush of high-density planting has been thin as about 0.02mm to increase the number of entering into the pocket

Will receive firm to fine gap, such as between the periodontal pocket teeth

Reproduce the horizontal polishing which are suitable for the periodontal pocket care, writes the plaque

High-speed ultrasonic vibration in a reproducible difficult to fine in the hand (the vibration of the sound waves within the region), polish every corner

Firmly polish power controller, friendly to the teeth and gums

“Powerful polish”