Panasonic EMS Trainer for Waist ES-WB61

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EMS mode to tighten the muscles of the waist by just winding

Even without painful sit-up exercise, just by winding around the waist precisely targeting the muscles around the waist to give electrical stimulation, you can tighten the muscles efficiently.

Hybrid training which tightens more effectively while walking and commuting

Hybrid training is a training method that simultaneously performs “contraction of muscle by motion” and “contraction of muscle by electrical stimulation”. 
During walking or commuting, when a twist occurs in the waist, the extended muscle on the opposite side of the contracted muscle is stimulated with electricity. 
By forcibly contracting, it will be loaded with both, and you can train your muscles more efficiently. 
Three modes of twist mode / walk mode / run mode can be selected according to the movement.