Japan HC-SB-5000 Cordless Pet Brush Grooming Vacuum Cleaner

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Japanese product quality confidence ensures easy to keep the environment clean and suitable for use anywhere, convenient, easy operation

Small in size, light in weight, easy to collect, collect dust statically, lock on filter paper, prevent four scattered

High-efficiency and reliable filter paper filter paper can lock all dust, dander and hair removal on paper to help you keep the environment clean, spotless and reduce hair /Dust/Aphid Skin/Temperature Sensitive Risk

Vacuuming At the same time, it can massage the skin of cats and dogs, especially for cats and dogs skin

The whole body filter paper and brush head can be massaged with cold water, which is simple and convenient

* For daily use, the filter paper must be replaced once a week for a simple operation

It is suitable for use anywhere

It is quiet and light, and the pets will not be scared by the operation of the vacuum cleaner

They are awarded the <Japan Invention Vibrating Association> Leading <Excellent Invention Award> Use the special filter and battery to use it.

Wipe it on your pet

Massage is used daily

You can clean the filter once a week with a brush, wipe away large dust, and change the filter once a month.