Atex AX-KX511 Hot Charge Eye Mask Black Lourdes Meme Eye Care

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Electrothermal heaters, approximately 41 ° C 
Use dough that easily absorbs moisture in the air. Warm and comfortable moisture wrap around the eyes to heal tiredness.

Eco friendly lithium battery last 2 hours after fully charged. It is convenient to carry on the go.

Since it is a USB compatible AC adapter, it can also be used by plugging directly into the PC. You can also use it for desk work breaks.

With automatic safe automatic OFF timer
Even if you fall asleep with comfort, it stops automatically in about 10 minutes. It is safe and safe design even when using before break.

Easy washable
The cover which can be easily removed from the main body can be washed and clean.

I got tired ……….! It is effective for smart eyes, tired eyes with a lot of irritation, such as reading, games and personal computers.

A portable pouch made of the same fabric as the cover. The opening is a fastener type, smoothing in and out. Ease of use is also attached with an inner pocket for inserting the battery box.